Help desk software to create a better customer experience for your business

What does the help desk software do?

Last updated: May 05, 2023

The help desk is the technology that performs the core task, and in addition to that, it can ideally be your partner as you expand。Traditionally, the help desk is based on government and business best practices, such as ITIL (Information technology infrastructure library) Define its goals and processes。ITIL's goal in dealing with customer issues or incidents is to "restore normal service operations as quickly as possible and minimize adverse impact on business operations。」"Said Zendesk CEO Mikkel Svane。Not all help desk solutions are created equal, and not all help desk solutions are created equal。Nevertheless, it has the following essential elements:

  • Deal with customer queries and problems in a systematic manner: from reception, management, organization to response, resolution, and final reporting
  • Multi-pipe support is allowed。That is, you can choose the pipes that suit your customers -- phone, instant chat, SMS, email, and so on
  • Self-service function。What is the ideal knowledge base?The right help desk allows you to leverage your team's business knowledge within your company and for all of your customers in a self-service portal
  • Tracking and analysis。How quickly are support requests first responded to and finally resolved?How satisfied are the customers?
  • 整合。Apps, widgets, and add-ons can play a huge role in today's work or become an integral part of the future

How does the Zendesk Help Desk software solve support problems

客戶滿意度對於大多數成功的企業而言都至關重要,而客戶有兩種主要類型:外部客戶,即您建立企業為其服務的人;以及內部客戶,即您的員工。Smooth, all-access help desk software is now the standard。But what does it mean to meet customer needs in the long run?Whether positive interactions have the same impact in the long run as negative interactions?根據Zendesk Customer Service Survey 201897% of the respondents believe thatBad customer serviceWould change purchasing behavior, while 87 percent of respondents said,Good customer service Whether it's via phone, instant conversation, email, etc., it changes buying behavior。

Why do you need help desk support for software?

There are many reasons to consider upgrading the help desk support service。In general, you might find that teams spend too much time manually tracking down a long list of work orders in emails, plus filling out forms by hand。It doesn't have to be that way -- you can use software to manage the pieces in one place。

The help desk support software receives customer queries and problems from multiple sources and turns them into traceable work orders。You don't have to deal with any forms, you don't have to rush through transfers, and you can see who is doing what and working on individual work orders。運用On line work order systemYou can increase your efficiency and get twice the result with half the effort。

Help desk support software also ensures that customers are contacted by the appropriate customer service staff。Customers can get help without having to repeat their problems to multiple people and have a more enjoyable experience。Also, if the main customer service person handling the work order needs help solving the problem, other team members can be contacted in the help desk support software without confusing the customer。

Help desk support software not only speeds up processing, but also allows you to learn more about your customers。Customer input is vital to any company, and a work order processing system allows you to be proactive, gathering information and sharing it with different parts of your organization。You can then use this information and insider knowledge to set up a call center for your customers。

The main goal of help Desk support software is to give you the tools to let your customers know that you listen and understand them。The following describes the basic operation of the Help desk support software:

  • Customers contact you with business-related questions and problems through email, phone, newsletters, websites, conversations and social media
  • The system will create a work order for each problem and will also automatically link to the customer's past information (if applicable).
  • Work orders are assigned manually or automatically according to business rules
  • Customer service staff can easily collaborate with other team members to get help in processing work orders
  • After solving the problem, the customer service staff can be notified through the customer's preferred communication channel
  • Administrators can establish workflows and assign different levels of tasks to customer service staff
  • You can use analytics to track customer satisfaction scores, internal key Performance indicators (KPIs), and more

Who is using the help desk software?

An outstanding help desk is at the heart of outstanding customer support。The help desk software enables support agents to track, prioritize, and resolve customer support work orders。但 Zendesk 不只是一個服務台軟體;它是一個用於客戶服務的雲端式軟體與互動平台,可提供全通路支援。This means that customers can come together in one place and interact using phone, conversation, email, social media, and any other channel you can imagine。

Zendesk helps streamline customer support through time-saving tools like trigger programs and self-run programs。The help desk software is intuitive and easy to use because it focuses on the customer and the help desk agent。Great customer support starts with the right tools, and with Zendesk, you have everything you need to create the best customer experience。

Help Desk software is available for all types of teams and companies


Companies such as Expedia, Tesco and Vodafone have implemented Zendesk's help desk software to support innovation on a large scale。

Small and medium-sized enterprise

Washio and other small businesses like Baublebar and charity: water use Zendesk Work order management systemTo provide customer service to meet the growing needs of their business。


Shopify is using Zendesk to scale up help desk operations for its e-commerce business。

Human resource team

UTI, John Lewis, and other HR teams use Zendesk to provide streamlined, responsive help desk support software for their employees。

IT team

Zendesk customer service software helps Xerox's IT help desk, giving employees quick access to IT assistance。


The University of California, Los Angeles, psychology department uses Zendesk software to support 200 employees through a team of just two。

Custom service desk

Build your own work order processing software

Quick and personal responses

Customer service desk agents can set up and share their own macros to quickly respond to repeated customer inquiries with standard replies。

Custom view

The personalized view enables the help desk agent to view queues based on work order status, trustee, group, or other criteria。

Apps Marketplace

Use us Apps Marketplace More than 500 apps and integrations in Zendesk, taking full advantage of ZenDesk products

The help desk supports software

Cooperate and improve efficiency


Zendesk's web-based help desk solution enables support teams to collaborate and use it for any purpose問題Share information with private comments。It also instantly shows who is viewing the latest information on work orders at a given time。

Enable others to serve themselves

Combine your help desk software with customizableCustomer service centerKnowledge baseOnline communityCustomer entry siteIn combination, customers can get better self-service and agents can improve efficiency and solve problems faster。

Gain insight

Using Zendesk's reporting and analytics tools, you can gain insight into what matters most -- whether it's team performance or insight into customer satisfaction。

Zendesk Support ticket sample with internal note

Don't just try to catch up -- try to lead

Get the right information from the customer

Dynamic request formThe work order field provides support work order agents with more background information, prepares them for conversations with customers, and provides more personalized customer support。

Never miss a deadline

Built-in SLAs allow help desk agents to set their own parameters and be aware of specific work order status, down to the minute。

Carry an information desk with you

Our Native action app enables help desk agents to respond to customer service requests even when they are out and about。