Gartner 2021 CRM Customer Interaction Center Magic Quadrant

Last updated: August 18, 2021

Zendesk was selected as Gartner's 2021 CRM Customer Interaction Center Magic Quadrant Leader。

Each year, Gartner recognizes companies that are leading the way in customer service and support。 Gartner CRM Customer Interaction Center Magic Quadrant report provides a valuable reference for business leaders looking for the perfect solution for sustainable business。 In its 2021 report, Gartner praised customer service organizations for their ability to adapt their business models immediately and provide critical support to customers in the first place in response to COVID-19。

2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant

Zendesk has been included in the Leaders Quadrant for the sixth year in a row, representing success with more than 170,000 customers worldwide。 As Zendesk knows, the past year has been fraught with challenges and challenges, including finding new ways to support our customers and expect smooth interactions。 This is why ease of use, flexibility and value have always been deeply embedded in Zendesk's core values. We understand the importance of engaging with your customers when they need you most。

While the way businesses continue to evolve to connect with their customers, Zendesk is focused on delivering effective real-time updates and key features, including automated dialogue coordination across pipelines and workforce management。 In response to COVID-19, we are offering licensing offers, rapidly available digital customer service capabilities, a portfolio of remote support packages and Zendesk vaccine management solutions (in partnership with TCS)。

The pre-built package package includes full channel support and new add-on options that dramatically improve pricing。 At the same time, we maintain the ease of use, customization and management efficiency, to help the majority of enterprises to provide more customers with more perfect services。

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Download Gartner 2021 CRM Customer Interaction Center Magic Quadrant Report free for a limited time。 The full report PDF includes:

  • How does Gartner view the current ecosystem of CEC technologies
  • Notes for enterprises wishing to implement CRM and CEC technologies
  • The capabilities that suppliers need to meet today's CEC needs
  • Gartner analysts position Zendesk and other technology and service providers

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Gartner CRM Customer Interaction Center Magic Quadrant by Nadine LeBlanc, Jim Davies, and Varun Agarwal, published June 2021, 2015

CRM customer Interaction Center Magic Quadrant leader from 2016 to 2021